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VMware vCenter Server Foundation provides powerful management tools for smaller environments (up to 4 vSphere hosts) looking to rapidly provision, monitors, and control virtual machines. Using the vSphere Client - VMware When the server is a vCenter Server system, the vSphere Client displays all the options available to the vSphere environment, according to the licensing configuration and the user permissions. When the server is an ESXi host, the vSphere Client displays only the options appropriate to single host management. VMware Horizon The VMware Horizon Client offers better performance and features. Install VMware Horizon Client. Launch Native Client. Check here to skip this screen and always use Native Client. VMware Horizon HTML Access. Check here to skip this screen and always use HTML Access.

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VMware Horizon Client for Windows 10 UWP makes it easy to work on your VMware Horizon virtual desktop and hosted applications from a wide variety of Windows 10 devices, giving you on-the-go access from any location. IMPORTANT NOTE: A VMware Horizon virtual desktop or hosted application is required to use the VMware Horizon Client for Windows 10 VMware Online Store

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Register a given vCenter Server system with only one vSphere Web Client instance, rather than using multiple vSphere Web Client instances to manage that vCenter Server system. To register a vCenter Server system with the vSphere Web Client installed as part of a vCenter Server Appliance, you must use the admin-app command-line script rather Vsphere Client for ESXi 6.5 |VMware Communities Dec 05, 2018 VMware Horizon