How To Delete Skype Messages. Remember that you cannot personally delete both sides of the conversation, you can only delete from your inbox. If you want to secure your conversation so that no one will be able to get their hands on them, you need to delete both sides.

Apr 14, 2020 · I will share a method on how to delete Skype Chat history from Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows. I have shared the detailed way of every OS. Users can completly wipe out the data from their Skype chat. All the messages, pictures and attachments will be removed from your Skype account permanently. Apr 13, 2020 · Click the message thread you want to permanently delete so that it pops up at the bottom of the screen. You can also open all the threads at once with the See All in Messenger link at the bottom of the pop-up. When you send messages to anybody on your Skype, the messages will remain on the Skype before you deleting them. However, you might accidentally delete messages, chats history, call history, etc on your Skype sometimes, and finally you find you need to restore those mistakenly deleted information. Your recent instant messages are displayed in the Recent tab, next to Contacts, so anyone can see them. Skype does not allow you to delete an entire conversation, but you can delete individual messages or hide the entire conversation. You can also delete the entire Skype chat history, but this action deletes all your conversations. Delete Skype Messages on Windows or macOS. Clearing Skype chat history would not only help in safeguarding your private data, but it will also speed up your device. How-To: Delete Individual Chats. Step 1- Launch the Skype application on your system. And log in with your account. Jan 29, 2009 · Hello Alex, Sorry to break the bad news but even if you close your Skype account, the message will be delivered anyway. You would have to get to your correspondent’s computer first, open Skype, and then delete his or her logs. How to delete Skype messages on a computer . 1. Start Skype on your Mac or PC and open the chat with the message you wish to delete. 2. Right click on the message (or click the three dots that appear beside it) and select “Remove.” Click “Remove” in the dropdown menu to delete message. 3. Click “Remove” again on the popup window to

Here are simple steps and ways on how you can delete Skype chat history on your device. Skype is one of the best instant messaging application there is in the Internet. In fact, most companies use this nifty app for online corporate meetings. I, myself use Skype instant messaging for my daily work activities – whether chat or Skype calls.

Skype provides you the chance to decide if you want to keep or clear Skype chat history. You have to follow these simple steps if you want to delete your Skype messages. Step 1: To click the Tools button located on the menu bar in the Skype window and then choose Options from the drop-down menu that appears.

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