Feb 07, 2020 · Wi-Fi-only iPads can get online using an iPhone with a technology called tethering, which Apple calls Personal Hotspot on the iPhone. This feature allows the iPhone to function as a Wi-Fi hotspot and share its cellular network connection with nearby devices using Wi-Fi. Here's how to tether your iPhone and iPad.

Oct 16, 2019 · In iOS 13 and iPadOS, your iPhone’s or iPad’s Personal Hotspot is persistent so that a client device can remain connected to the software hotspot even when you put it to sleep. In conjunction with the new Auto-Join Hotspot setting, this removes friction in terms of using Personal Hotspot. Jul 24, 2020 · Using your phone as a mobile hotspot means that you are using it to connect other devices to the internet. So, hotspot data usage is directly related to what your are doing on your other devices. To get an idea about hot much data you might be going through take a look at the following table showing some common activities and the data they use up. Jul 16, 2018 · How to Connect to a Personal Hotspot Using Bluetooth Go to Settings and tap Personal Hotspot, toggle on. Go to Settings and find Bluetooth. Toggle Bluetooth on and keep this screen open. On your iPad or iPod Touch (this won't work with another iPhone) go to Settings. Now tap Bluetooth, then the device you're pairing with.

Although there are many free Wi-Fi hotspots available -- such as at college campuses, bookstores and libraries -- there is always a chance that you may find yourself in a location without Wi-Fi

We have employees who are issued both an iPhone and an iPad. The iPads are on Verizon and have unlimited data. The iPhones are on AT&T and have limited data. The problem happens when they are using the iPads and lose service. The iPads automatically switch on the iPhones hotspot and start using it. Tap Name to change the name of your iPhone's personal hotspot. Tap About > General > Settings to return to the main list of settings. Tap Personal Hotspot. If you don't see Personal Hotspot, tap Carrier and you will see it. Tap the toggle switch to turn on Personal Hotspot. Tap Wi-Fi Password to change the Wi-Fi Password.

Most people think of using their iPad for work as a Wi-Fi hotspot or tether, acting as a way station to the Internet for devices that don’t have their own cellular connections. A hotspot — whether a smartphone or a separate device — connects to the Internet over a 3G or 4G cellular network and then lets other devices connect to it over Wi-Fi.

There are three ways to share your iPhone or iPad’s cellular data connection using the Personal Hotspot feature. You can connect the device to your iPhone using USB, or Bluetooth or over Wi-Fi. We take a look at the pros and cons of using each of these options, so you can take a more informed decision: